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Leather - Meaning of Dream

Leather products in a dream are favorable in all respects. After such a dream a person will experience true friendship, happy love, and support of relatives. The business will develop due to the great dedication and diligence of a cohesive team.

If you try on leather clothes, the dream tells that you will be a lucky speculator.

Jewelry or accessories made of leather indicate that your fears about people’s infidelity are groundless. If you see leather rolled in a lap, this dream tells that you underestimate your cloudless existence. The things which you consider common are perceived by others as a great success and grace.

If you trade leather goods in a dream, you will experience gradual but steady increase of welfare.

If you make some goods with leather, it tells that you will work hard. Another interpretation of this dream states that you can file a lawsuit, but spending a lot of time for delays you won’t reach the desired result.

If you dream of dirty animal skin, very soon you will face the betrayal of the close people.

Hard and rough skin, intended for the manufacture of soles, is a symbol of explicit persecution.

If you abrade the skin of a human in your dream, in reality you will defeat your enemy. If you did the same to yourself, you will face serious illness and the absolute ruin because of sordid human act.

If a dreamer looks at her own velvety skin, in reality she will reach success with men. A woman who saw pale and flabby skin is destined to be alone. It is not necessary to regret about the past, it is better to set new priorities.

Miller’s dream book interprets large piles of leather as harbingers of happiness. If you sold some leather goods, it bodes that your life will develop in a measured pace.