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Leaves - Meaning of Dream

If you dreamed of leaves, you can expect an upcoming success in important matters. You will have not only career development, but also spiritual growth.

If you dream as if leaves fall on you from the sky, then most likely, you will receive an inheritance from a distant relative.

Yellow leaves in a dream indicate wilt and decline of glory, the completion of affairs. Yellow leaves can also point to the fact that soon you will finish everything and be able to relax.

For a woman, green leaves portend new growth, success and profit.

If you fall into a big pile of leaves, it tells that you will have dizzying success and a large amount of money; however, it is better to not spend all at once. Perhaps after such a success you will have to suffer a series of setbacks and disappointments.

For a man, leaves signal of success and recreation. If the ground is covered with leaves, it foretells tranquility and relaxation, which, however, should be earned.

If a man holds leaves in his hands, it can mean two things: either he will receive an amount of money or will have to pay this amount.

For a child, falling leaves foreshadow success in studding. If a child spurns leaves with the feet, it signifies that his/her attitude to the affairs is careless and inconsiderate.

A tree fully covered with leaves indicates good health and prosperity.