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Lemon - Meaning of Dream

A lemon in a dream is not always a good symbol. If you drink tea with lemon, this is a herald of sadness, tears and resentment. Perhaps it will be due to the betrayal of your dear/lover.

If you slice a lemon in a dream, this is a prediction that you will have to share some of your valuables with other people. And most likely, you will receive the smallest part of it.

For women, a lemon is a sign of bitter tears. If a girl cuts a lemon herself, this is a sign that she will be the initiator of a quarrel. If the lemon is cut by somebody else, you will be charged with something you didn’t do.

If you dream of unripe lemon, it tells that you rushed a lot when making a decision, and now you should rethink everything through.

However, not all of the interpretations are bad. If a woman picks up and collects lemons in a dream, this is a good sign indicating success, quick profit and welfare.

If a man dreams of lemons, it is a signal that someone has a grievance against him. If he sees lemon juice dropping out of the lemon, it is a bad sign - the offended person plans revenge. If a man gathers lemons, the interpretation is the same as for women – gaining and success.

If lemons are seen by children, it is a sign that they are worried about something. Talk with your child and find out the cause, otherwise a child may retire into shell. If a child feels a lemon taste on the tongue, it can be a sign of illness and health decline.

Besides all this, lemons are also the sign of infidelity. For people in love, a lemon may portend a scandal or break up. If you buy lemons, it tells that your actions can be ambiguous and will be perceived as a betrayal.

If you bite a lemon and feel its sour taste, this is an indication that you will disable a person who wanted to interfere with your plans and business.

If you drink lemon juice, it tells that you try to benefit at the expense of other people. If a woman dreams of a lemon tree, she will soon suffer the pangs of jealousy. But she shouldn’t worry, the concerns are groundless.

If you eat a lemon, it predicts the humiliation and disappointment. If you see a green lemon, this is a signal of illness and unhealthy condition.