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Leopard - Meaning of Dream


Leopard in the dream is a symbol of strength, and guile. Leopard, is graceful, strong, tough animal, it is powerful and cunning in choosing a victim. From this definition you can build up the interpretation of the dream with this predator.

If you happen to see a leopard in your dream, it means that in your real life you have a friend, who is crafty, strong and is well-connected. You shouldn’t believe him, because he is able to jump at any moment and eat his prey. Especially you should not trust to recent acquaintances.

If you see a leopard, which runs far from you and you observe how it attacks the victim, tearing and killing it, this dream means that your pet needs more attention, perhaps its health is in danger. In the coming days there might be illness or death of the animals.

If you see a graceful leopard, which rests in the grass, but you don’t dare to come closer to look at it, the dream means that it is time to change tactics of farming or business. For example, at work you can offer interesting and creative ideas, but in the family change from a powerful host to an obliging person. The dreamer should observe everything around like a predator in the dream, and then make conclusions without intruding into the personal space of a loved one.

If you dreamed of a cheetah, which chases and catches you, it means that some people have aggressive attitude towards you. In such situation it is better to show care and affection to people around you. In the worst case, the quarrel will last for a long time in future. Sometimes everything depends on your wish, whether you want to continue communication or not. If you feel like in the second care, then just don’t care. Maybe this person is not worth of your attention.

If you see a leopard in the dream and it is completely domestic and tame, such dream means that you have a good friend and comrade. This friend needs your care and understanding, but sometimes you don’t notice his presence or even ignore it. But you should remember that on contrary this friend will do everything for you, and can even pull you out of the depths of misery or other problems.

Rare dream is when a leopard becomes your friend, it means a trip or moving to distant countries, and all the way will be marked by unpleasant, painful and ferocious events. But in the end you will have a bright and joyful event. Thanks to it, you will remain in that place, and be happy, even though you are far from your homeland.

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