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Library - Meaning of Dream


If there is a library in your dream, it refers to a new passion in your life. You’ll become keen on something new for you – tennis, literature, chess, music, dancing, etc. Your brain is striving for development as well as for new knowledge and experience. Satisfy its needs. It is time to broaden your horizons. Moreover, your profound knowledge in some area and skills will obligatory be helpful, especially in your career. Possessing unique knowledge will let you reach the heights of success. A dream with such content may also be a sign that you’re bored with your current way of life. You are deprived of bright and unforgettable emotions and discoveries for some reasons. If these reasons depend on you, don’t waste your time and do everything you can to bring your desires closer.

But a dream in which you are seeing a library may have another meaning. It may denote that your memory is overloaded with unnecessary information. Try to isolate yourself a little from it. Then you’ll have time to think more about your own life instead of digesting the news about somebody or something else. Maybe, this musing will push you onto thoroughgoing changes.

A library in a dream can stand for future search in your life. It may be connected with the problem of finding yourself and defining your place in this world. If you feel that you are occupied with something you don’t really like (maybe, it is just a habit), give it up and find something to your liking.

Being in the library means that you’ll finally find what you’ve been searching for. But it also foreshadows some troubles and misunderstandings in your family. It would be better if you solve them with the least losses for both sides.

If you find yourself in a reading room in your dream, it bodes you a meeting with a person, who will become a special one for you. Don’t miss your soulmate.

Being a worker at a library in your dream stands for fuss and troubles in the future. It is unknown in which sphere of your life you should expect difficulties. So, keep a weather eye open. If you are sincere, hard-working and diligent, you’ll easily leave them behind.

Seeing a librarian in your dream foreshadows a meeting with an interesting and well-educated person. It’ll be very exciting to communicate with him/her. You’ll learn a lot of unbelievable and useful facts. You’ll understand that you’d be happy to have such a friend. This person will be kind and sincere. Don’t you dare to offend him/her. This person doesn’t deserve it, and you’ll be conscience-stricken for the rest of your life.

If you are reading a book in a library, it signifies that you’ll reveal some secrets and come to know some important things which will help you in relationships with people and in business too.

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