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Lice - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of excess of lice, in real life be ready for trouble and failure. One louse symbolizes excess worries about own health. Catching lice in a dream predicts disease. Dishonesty in the behavior and the resulting personal problems promises the dream about lice on the body. Lice eggs portend countless small alarming events.

A dream, in which you see the lice on a stranger, predicts rise in business activity. If you dream that you have caught lice, in reality you are very serious about own illness. A dream in which you poison lice predicts worries due to bothersome anonymous attacks of ill-wishers.

Miller also states that lice in a dream herald sad events, and serious illness. If you see them on your pet, you will have loss or lack of something. Family discord is a result of the lice on your body in a dream. The same dream may also signify about your suspiciousness and empty worries about the health of your family members.

Large black louse in the dream book by Vanga portends profit. If you see an abundance of lice in a dream, it is a prediction of not complicated diseases. If you shake of lice from your head, it signals of successful transaction. If you crush a louse or a nit, you will solve money problems, and pay off the debts.

If you know that you have lice on your head, but you do not see them, it portends loss in undertakings.

If you kill a louse in a dream, it foreshadows unexpected news.

Crushing a nit signifies of the fact that nothing can distract you from the correct path; to see nits on your head is a harbinger of long-awaited success or promotion.

Lice mean wealth, deliverance from evil/poverty; many lice - poverty, disease; catch – upcoming money; comb out - get rid of the hassle.