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Life - Meaning of Dream

According to the modern dream book, if a person sees own life and destiny when dreaming, in reality it can turn into disagreements and unhappiness. If a young woman thwarts fate in a dream, it portends that she will have to make a lot of efforts to reconcile her fans, friends and loved ones.

If a dreamer saw his/her future life in a dream, Miller interpreted it as a sign notifying the necessity to be prudent and to master emotions, to avoid extravagant and wasteful behavior.

If your life stops on the scaffold, it indicates that you have a clear conscience, and you are respected by others. If you dream of someone’s life being stopped on the scaffold, it warns that you can be involved in bad adventure due to your ill nature and it will alienate you from friends and relatives.

Vanga interpreted the same dream as the necessity to payback for ignoble deeds and sins. Also such a dream may warn of the danger. If you see how someone was executed, it portends that you can unwittingly become a witness of unpleasant events and even crime.

Freud interpreted life and everything that is related to it in a dream (Deja Vu) as uterine memories. Also, this dream can signify your belief in another world and symbolize your fear of being buried alive.