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Lily of the valley - Meaning of Dream

Lily of the valley

Lily of the valley is a symbol of purity and innocence. Dreams in which you see lily of the valley, in different interpretations represent different situations.

Do not immediately think about the bad, certainly read up to the end of the interpretation of the dream. Lilies of the valley in a dream mean that in your life there is the person, to whom you feel a sense of love. You just need to accurately and correctly assess your relationship and, of course, if all goes right, you will experience a long, happy family life.

The correct interpretation of dreams will help you make the right conclusions.

If you gather lilies of the valley in a dream, it means that you make the right decision in a relationship with someone you love. Worth remembering exactly how you collected lilies. If you were standing, then the relationship will be long; if you bent for a flower, there will be some obstacles; but if you collect flowers while squatting on hams, then soon you will become a married wife or a married man.

Lily of the valley is usually a sign that everything in life is clean and pleasant. Fragrant flowers are considered a symbol of virginity and purity.

If a young girl receives lilies of the valley from a guy, this means that very soon, a girl will receive a marriage proposal and become his wife.

If a girl does not yet have a soul mate, the dream means that she will meet with a loved one.

If you dream that a girl presents lilies of the valley to a guy, it means that in the near future he will find his soul mate.

The dream in which you smelled nice fragrance of lilies and it gave you the feeling of happiness may signal of an enjoyable time in the evening.

For older people dreaming of the lily of the valley means that soon you will visit your grandchildren, that will give you many happy moments of communication and you should stock up with treats for your grandchildren.

If you dream that you see only one bush lily of the valley, it means that soon you can get sick, so take care not to become too cold or wrap up with some blankets, in order to avoid draft.

Very few elements of the intimate life produce so strange experience of feelings, as the assessment of such phenomena as virginity, women's integrity. The value of this phenomenon from the perspective of men seems to be unquestionable.

However, Freud attached great importance to this phenomenon, proving that due to deprivation of virginity, women gain the "state of subordination" that makes them able to resist the powerful temptation.

Freud's Dream book contains a few characters describing the state of virginity. Proven by practical experience, descriptions of dreams that Freud had analyzed are recognized for its scientific and precision issue.

Studying his directory of dreams we can confidently say that in order to ensure harmony in real life, the relationship require a careful study.

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