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Lily - Meaning of Dream

A dreaming of a lily is a sign that you should not lose hope. If you are disturbed by some events in reality and you lose a part of yourself, the lily in a dream tells that you need to gather yourself up and regain success.

If you dream of a blooming lily, this is an indication of the money that will be received very soon. However, your wealth will not pop up, and it will be the expected profit, perhaps even hard-earned.

For women this is a good sign, it symbolizes rebirth and development, and improvement of appearance in a short time. It may happen that you will spend more time to take care of yourself, because the love will appear in your life.

Speaking of love, a floating lily on the water predicts long and beautiful romantic relations. But if the lily sinks, it tells that you better look closer at the man who demonstrates you his feelings. White lily petals flying through the air symbolize a quick wedding.

If a man dreams of a lily, it bodes that he can expect profit and success in career matters. For a man, white lilies symbolize the need to review own attitude to his woman. This flower tells that recently he became too cold in relation to his soul mate.

If your children dreamed of lilies, this dream states that they possess a good mind and a great ability to learn. In addition, lilies floating on the water symbolize good health for children and permanence of this situation for a long time.

If you hold a lily in your hands, you will win respect and will be an ideal person for somebody in your environment.

If you try to feel the smell of a lily, you will face sadness and grief. If you pluck and throw lilies on the ground, the dream foretells that you will perform a dishonest act ignoring the rules of morality.

If you dreamed of a withered lily, it tells that your biggest desires are not destined to come true.