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Limousine - Meaning of Dream

A limousine in a dream is a symbol of wealth. A luxury limousine is seen in certain situations. The interpretation is mostly given by modern magicians, as there is so little information about this image. In particular, they tell about the color of the auto, and whether you were inside or outside of it.

If you dream of a limousine, it tells that you will have a choice, and your luck will depend on this decision. There is a tip for a dreamer – tend towards the goodness and justice, rather than lust and money.

For women, a limousine is seen in case of a happy life with a husband, especially if a dreamer buys a limo in the showroom. If she doesn’t have a partner yet, the dream tells that he will soon appear in her life; most importantly she has to believe in this. And of course, she has to look more beautiful and smarter than usual; otherwise the future husband will pass by.

If you dream of an elegant limousine, have a sit and talk to a driver, this is an excellent omen predicting the meeting with a good man or a boss who will be supportive and caring. This person will be easy to talk to, he will help in complex cases and will give the right advice.

Overcrowded limo indicates the plans collapse.

A white limo portends an upcoming trip. If it is already planned, then everything will be good. All matters related to it will develop smoothly.

Black limo suggests that you have some problems in sexual life. It is necessary to show care and attention to your partner. You should talk about your feelings and fears, and find common language. If you get used to betray your partner it is better to stop doing that, as a limo is a sign exposure.