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Lion - Meaning of Dream


Lion is a symbol of strength, courage and royal and proud thinking. Lion in a dream is seen usually by those who are really freed from prejudices that prevent many people from doing what they like.

Dreaming of a lion means, above all, the struggle, which you win and become a leader in many endeavors.

A Lion, which is seen in a dream of a single girl, means that she will meet her life partner, who will completely take under control everything in their relations. Even such situation is possible when the life of the girl will be subordinated to this man. Therefore it is necessary to know what lion means in the particular dream.

For a young man, dreaming of a lion means that in reality he has a rival who can safely replace him. He should treat such dream with a special attention.

If you see the dream, in which the lion acts in the circus, this dream can be interpreted as following: in your life there will be difficulties that you can control.

If you dream of a lion eating something before your eyes, it means that existing problems in your life will disappear in a very strange way, and you shouldn’t be worried, as it will not return to you.

If you see the dream with a young lion, it means that in reality you will have trouble with your business partners.

To observe the lion with his pride, it means that there are possible family problems, but you can solve it together with your partner.

To see the lion in the dream, which hunts its prey, it means that in reality you are most likely a self,sufficient person who can cope with difficult life situations alone.

For older people the dream about a lion means instant insight that will help to prolong the life and change it for the better. Beautiful and healthy lion will bring a lot of pleasant experiences from the trip, but the sick and frail lion seen in the dream is a sign of illness.

If you kill a large lion, it means that you will make a lightning decision.

Dead lion in a dream will help you change your whole life and direct it in the right path.

Little cubs in the dream are usually seen as a sign of pleasant chores because they are kids of a proud and beautiful lion. Therefore, after this dream don’t be surprised if you will be visited by relatives with your nephews.

If you see a lion, which talks to you, it is an excellent signal for the beginning of a new business that will bring you profit, though not very big, but necessary for you. Dreaming about how you train a lion, means that all the trouble you will be able to solve in a positive way. If the lion does not respond to training, it means that not everything will be smooth in your life.

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