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Lips - Meaning of Dream

If you pay excessive attention to the appearance of your lips in a dream, it indicates that you take the actions of the opposite sex too close to your heart.

Applying lipstick on your lips suggests passionate love affairs, or a quarrel with a loved one.

To admit that someone's lips are seductive says that you pay little attention to close and dear people.

If you dream of thick and ugly lips of irregular shape, it tells that you should watch out for negatively affecting company.

If you feel pain in the lips, it is a sign of a disease of your loved one, or family member.

People born in January, March, April, see such a dream as a prognostic of delicious food and invitation to a dinner party.

If you think of your lips in a dream, it suggests the possibility of developing the disease due to the strong mental fatigue and stress.

In this situation, you should organize your weekend or a holiday for the purpose of a good rest and waiver of all domestic problems.

Numb or hard lips warn you that you are on the verge of emotional stress, surge of negative emotions, as in reality, you have to keep negative emotions inside.

For people, who were born in autumn months and in December, the dream where somebody kisses their lips, and they feel disgust foretells that in reality they will feel hostility to own fans.

If you dream of bad looking lips, it is necessary to beware of unpleasant meeting, hasty conclusions and bouts of temper against close friends and relatives.

For lovers, a dream in which lips are tender, plump and pink symbolizes balance and abundance, and it is treated as a commitment and reciprocity in feelings, built on mutual respect.

Thin lips are a sign of perseverance and excess persistence, which in turn can lead to achievement of goals.

Swollen, damaged, mutilated lips with sores symbolize the loss, unpleasant family relationships, as well as unreasonable desires.