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Liquid - Meaning of Dream

If in a dream you see some kind of liquid on the floor, it portends that the usual course of your life may be impaired. After waking up, it is worth to analyze the current situation and to be careful in making important decisions.

Often the liquid in the dreams you recognize as the water and it has a very symbolic character reflecting the emotional and sensual sphere. That's why a dreamer has to remember what exactly the liquid was.

For example, if the liquid is clear and bright - it's a good dream indicating that you can control your emotions, and you can freely express own feelings. Turbid liquid with dirty impurities, in contrast, promises a variety of worries and anxieties. But before you start interpreting the meaning, you should think: maybe this dream was just the usual signal of the body about the lack of liquid. If in a dream you felt thirsty, it is a sign of dehydration for whatever reasons.

If you dream of the strange consistency and unusual color of the liquid in a glass, it forebodes a pleasant romantic date during which a close person will greatly surprise you.

If in a dream you receive unusual liquid as a present (such as nail polish remover), it is a signal that in reality you need to reconsider own attitude to some people in your entourage, perhaps your closest friends might not meet your expectations.

It is also necessary to remember the condition of the liquid: clean and clear portends tranquility and spiritual harmony. If you are anxious about certain problems, such a dream will promise the speedy resolution, resulting in a quiet and measured life. Dirty and turbid liquid, warns that feelings and emotions can get out of control. A dreamer needs to be vigilant and cautious in expressing own emotions, otherwise it can lead to incontinence and a conflict. It can also mean spiritual crisis and numerous stresses.

The color of the liquid also plays an important role. All details can help to understand whether it has a positive or negative meaning. And even if the liquid was muddy, do not be upset it may be a warning to avoid the negative consequences.