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Living room - Meaning of Dream

Dreaming of a beautiful, well-furnished living room means that you will have wealth and luxury.

A dark and ugly room bodes that soon you will sacrifice your wealthy state in the sake of dream fulfillment.

A living room full of people foretells great expense on the way for achieving goals.

An empty living room signals of being alone because of bad temper, which burdens you a lot.

Living room in dreams reflects our perception of how we should appear in front of our guests. Living room symbolizes our lifestyle. Living room is related to our life attitudes (i.e. information about us, which is open to outsiders). This sets it apart from the bedroom, which in dreams symbolizes our personal space, intimate life, a place for rest and relaxation.

If you see crowd of people in your room and it is full of all kinds of furniture, it signifies about lack of time for taking care of own body and mind.

If the living room of your house has office furniture - your thoughts are fully engaged with career growth and business.

If your living room is piled with different junk, trash, slop or there is a coffin in its center, this dream doesn’t mean self-destruction. In fact, such dreams show that certain aspects of your "I" should be subjected to correction, and some approaches and opinions need to be refocused.

If living room is dirty, filthy, in the cracks, with broken furniture, etc., it portends that in real life you need to clean up inside, think what you need to get rid of, what to change and to add.

Functionality and the outlook of the room indicate what you should pay your attention at.

Living room, dining room is an aspect of the Earth, this is the place where you meet with family and friends. Image of living room in a dream can be represented with a fireplace, which is also a symbol of your heart, your hearth warmth.

The type of a living room may indicate the relationship with your loved ones, problems of communicating with other people.