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Loans - Meaning of Dream


Dreaming of loans, which are paid off to recently deceased person, promises financial loss; so you need to be careful while signing documents. Also it is better to limit yourself in purchases. If a debtor has died and didn’t pay off his loans, it means that in real life you will not receive any money from him, because he will run away from the country, not even informing his close surrounding.

If you incur indebtedness, it means that you will have difficulties in love affairs, possibly your lover refuses to marry and will finally break up relations with you. Your careless behavior is the reason for such situation.

If you dream that someone pays a loan with a big interest, it promises you an unexpected gift. Also such a dream could presage signing a lucrative contract with the partners.

If you owed your friend lots of money and you can not return the entire amount at once, in reality you will have to lie and cheat on a dear person.

Loan is a dual image, which, depending on the other elements of a dream could foretell a windfall, and a new loan. That is why you should be careful when interpreting the dream, in order not to consider a favorable dream as a nightmare.

Dreaming of a loan, which your friend can’t pay off for the past month, means that in real life your relative will transfer a good amount of money into your account for your birthday.

If you receive money in small denominations, it means that you are too petty, and because of this quality you became a target for jokes among friends and relatives.

If a young woman borrows a big amount of money, it means that she will be trapped in unpleasant situation. Also, such a dream can mean a quick marriage, which will be held in strict secrecy. This marriage won’t be successful, so take your time in offering marriage to a woman with whom you have nothing in common.

If you are a loan agent in a dream, it is a bad omen; this dream predicts failure in love affairs, as well as to fight for own property rights.

If you manage all debt instruments, it means that in real life all your affairs will be successful. Reflecting on loans in the dreams, you should remember, whether you saw an old woman in a dream, if so, it means that you have to say goodbye to your plans to buy an apartment, because you won’t have money for that.

If you demand money from your friend, it means that in real life you will have to apologize for your behavior, which may put an end to your friendship. Also, this dream foretells a quarrel with the family member, so do not correct anyone’s actions in order to avoid spoilage of relations.

Paying a loan means profits that will come unexpectedly; perhaps, it will be inherited from a distant relative who died recently. If a sick person has such a dream, it heralds his/her impending death. Hearing the news that your debtor has died indicates about fire or collapse of plans.

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