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Lock - Meaning of Dream

According to the modern dream book, a door lock predicts that a dreamer will find himself/herself in a confused situation and will face all sorts of misunderstandings. If the lock is easy to open, it is a harbinger of your enemies’ wiles.

If a person in love dreams of such a lock, this dream tell that he/she will be able to resist the intrigues of the opponents. Moreover, it can foretell a journey that will bring a good profit.

If you could not open the lock, it foreshadows that you'll plan a journey that is fraught with unnecessary risk. It is also possible that for unknown reason you have to survive the bitter disappointment with your loved one.

If a man dreams as if he fastens jewelry clasp on his partner, it indicates his doubts over her faithfulness. Subsequently, he will understand that he was wrong.

Often a dream about the lock warns of the need to keep the affairs in secret especially from strangers.

In Miller’s dream book, a lock signals about the problem, which can make a dreamer confused. You will fortunately know who spins intrigues against you, if you successfully unlock the door. The same dream portends the fortune in the road. If the lock is broken, the dreamer will face ridicule from a beloved one.

According to Vanga, if you lock the door – you seek for solitude in order to think about own, but for now you don’t possess such an opportunity; first of all you need to finish all undertakings.

If you try to unlock the broken lock, in reality you will get acquainted with isolated person, who seems very lonely. You will put a lot of effort in order to socialize this person, but everything you undertake will be in vain.

Unusual lock symbolizes your desire to draw attention of the influential person, who can help you in dealing with important issues. It also tells that it will be extremely difficult to find the common language.

If the lock doesn’t have the peep for the key, it states that you can’t control or monitor own affairs, because initially you didn’t consider all the pros and cons.

If you can’t choose the right key to the lock, it tells that the planned negotiations about the loan will fail; bankruptcy is not excluded. Sometimes this dream indicates your desire to renew the good relationship with your old friend.

If you drop the lock, the dream has several interpretations. One foretells that you risk making a mistake, due to which your enemies will get the best of you. This dream may also prevent the loss of property, or may signal of the move out.