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Long loaf - Meaning of Dream

Freshly baked long loaf with a golden crust on a table is a good sign. There will be peace, happiness and prosperity at your home.

If you dream that you saw a long loaf that lies on the ground or on a dirty floor, it means that you will face misfortunes. Most likely, some unpleasant incident will require large cash expenditures, and over some time you will need much money.

Dreaming as if you bake a long loaf or bread is a very good symbol, because this dream indicates that you and your family will live in abundance and will never have problems due to lack of money.

For a woman, dreaming as if she eats a long loaf is a signal that soon her children, brought up with love and care, will commit an act that may greatly upset her.

Fresh long loaf in Miller’s dream is an auspicious sign of family harmony and prosperity.

If you dream of several stale loaves of bread – be ready for misery, failure and difficulties with money.

Dreaming as if you share a piece of a long loaf with the other person is a good omen. It means that you will never have a need for money, as your financial well-being will improve year after year.

A dream, in which you eat a long loaf baked from rye flour, promises a warm and open relationship with your loved ones as well as the fact that the door of your house will always be open for friends.

If a woman dreams as she eats a piece of long loaf, she might experience frustration and sadness.

Warm, freshly baked long loaf in Freud's dream book is evidence that you meet with an energetic and friendly person and it will be fun to spend time in his company.

If you dream of a stale or moldy long loaf, this is a signal that your relationships with a partner, which have lasted for a long time, will not satisfy you anymore. It seems that your romance can not last any longer, all your feelings have faded, and it is time to break up in order to build a new, more productive relationship.

A dream, in which you eat a long loaf, means that on a subconscious level you are tired of short-term passionate meaningless relationships. Deep inside you desire a harmonious relationship with a person who would have loved you and you could respond in kind. At this stage of life you are attracted more by perspective of marriage than by fleeting relations.

To slice a long loaf in a dream is a sign of upcoming quarrel with a family. To buy a long loaf means that you will live well, without starving. If you sell a long loaf, in real life you will have good income.