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Lorry - Meaning of Dream

If you are not sitting in the truck, but just see it from outside standing on the parking lot, it hints that you must be careful in own actions and utterances.

If lorry is loaded, it foretells that you will receive unexpected income, especially if it is loaded with manure.

If you saw an empty truck, it signifies sadness or loss. To see truck that unloads garbage indicates gossips which are spread by your detractors behind the back.

If a big lorry stands in front of the exit, it tells about stagnation in business and troubles at work.

Lorry which is carrying things is a harbinger of change in the situation or place of residence. If you see a lot of trucks, it forebodes that you will receive a large volume of work and new assignments; liability may increase, and hence you will get higher wages.

To get a truck as a gift promises a new position. Many people are afraid to dream of empty truck pulling up to the house, believing that such a dream can mean strong illness or death of a close relative.

Trucks in a dream represent labor, and professional activities. Dreaming of yourself behind the wheel of a big lorry helps you to keep the situation under control.

The speed of solving problems in real life depends on the speed of the truck in a dream.

To dream of a truck that broke down foreshadows problems at work, and in professional activities.

To dream of a working truck portends a rapid resolution of urgent problems.

If you are hit by a truck or it splashes you with mud, it signifies that the current situation is very depressing.

To sit in a truck as a passenger foretells that soon will receive unexpected good news, and you may receive promotion.