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Luggage - Meaning of Dream

Luggage symbolizes worries for different reasons: marriage, acquaintance, change of work.

Any kind of luggage in a dream means that your fate gives you a chance to review the relations with people around you.

In a dream you carry luggage, it means that you will have success in affairs, and troubles of others won’t bother you. If you give your luggage to somebody else, it means that you are ready to move extra responsibility to somebody else’s shoulders.

In a dream you are worried for the safety of your luggage, in real life you have to be ready for some difficulties. But if you have already lost your luggage, due to the dream interpreter, you will have big problems and conflicts, even collapse of your affairs. For not married dreamer the loss of luggage means upcoming engagement.

If you load off your luggage from some kind of transport it is a good sign. Soon you will get rid of difficult circumstances and tasks. Maybe it was connected to relatives who stayed for long in your house or because of conflict with family. Anyways, soon everything will be like you want. You just need to wait a bit, and show your patience.

To be a witness of somebody’s luggage theft means that in real life you will also witness bad actions or crime. You will be burdened with this knowledge, but you will not open this secret to anybody.

In a dream you travel and have a very big luggage which burdens you, this dream indicates difficult tasks and troubles, for which you will pay a lot. All of this will almost break you down, and you will be in a bad state caused by confusion at work and unfair attitude of your relatives.

For people in love, the dream with luggage means that one of the partners will fall ill, and the other one will spend a lot of money for the treatment.

A dream with luggage, for people who travel, forecasts dangers and disasters.

The mystical meaning of luggage is a symbol of something secret, hidden from prying eyes, for example secretly nurtured idea.

Big luggage means your promiscuity with intimate partners.

Small luggage indicates your serious intentions in relations.