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Lynx - Meaning of Dream


Lynx, as well as any other wild cat is a sign of flattery and imaginary friends. But lynx carries a greater risk than an ordinary domestic cat. Thus, a dream in which someone sees a lynx brings a double trouble.

If a person is dreaming about a lynx, he/she should be ready to face enemies and false friends. Perhaps, someone is plotting revenge against the dreamer. Usually, a lynx represents intrigue, envy, and cunning. Lynx is the danger of aggression. Most likely, it is a dangerous and cruel enemy that is not going to work undercover. This enemy prefers the open game.

Also, a lynx in a dream can be a harbinger of envy and gossip, because of which your reputation may suffer. It is better to postpone any financial affairs and to be isolated in order to sort own thoughts out.

Some people believe that a lynx in a dream is a sign of a huge trouble, but it's not always true. Sometimes, your subconscious mind understands symbols differently. For the majority, a lynx in a dream is something nasty and unkind. But a dream interpretation should be individualized. It is important to understand how the subconsciousness chooses images. It became a little clearer what lynx means, but it is worth of digging deeper and discovering something more interesting and important.

It turns out that a lynx, which try to attack is a sign of confusion and eventual despair. But if in a dream you see lynx’s skin - everything will be fine, the business will improve and envious will find another victim. If you see a lynx with its prey – you will be promoted.

Dreaming of a calm and resting cat is a good sign. If you see such dream you will have peaceful life and prosperity in affairs.

A dream, in which you feel yourself as a predator is considered to be bad. It promises great and protracted discussions and strong opponents.

If you dream that a lynx is scared of something and it cowardly runs away, it means that you will have a success in all endeavors.

If you happened to kill the animal, it means that you will be incredibly joyful, everything will develop according to your plan, and no one will interfere in what is happening.

Dreaming of a lynx attacking another person is a sign of danger and human malice. This dream is considered to be inauspicious and means deceit, greed and cruelty. Perhaps, you should change your environment. Most likely, there are people, whom you shouldn’t trust.

It is necessary to pay attention to the size of a lynx. If the animal is small – you will have small troubles and unnecessary fear. If you see a huge predator, it is a very bad sign. You better analyze your present situation and do not take any hasty action.

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