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Madness - Meaning of Dream

A dream, where you experience madness, predicts serious illness. Do not hesitate and immediately check your health. Most likely, the disease is already lurking in your body, but you can’t see it for now.

If you observe madness of strangers, this dream foretells treachery by friends or unsuccessful completion of ongoing projects.

If a young girl dreams of madness, it means that very soon she will be disappointed in family life.

Madness in the dream book by Miller is a bad omen, foretelling troubles and serious illness, due to which you will lose your property. If you suffer from the madness of others, then your friends will let you down and hurt you with their betrayal.

For a young woman to witness own or somebody’s madness, means that she have to be prepared for the fact that soon she might divorce. For a lady, to see a madman means that she will be disappointed in her partner.

Madness in the dream book by Vanga warns you of possible danger. Most likely, you will be the first who learns about potential danger, and the fate of many people will be in your hands. Try to properly assess the degree of danger and take appropriate measures to save people.

If in a dream you happen to treat the insane person, it means that you will become a victim of some terrible misfortune.

If a crowd laughs and mocks at a mad man, it is a warning about the danger. So try to inform people and prevent their negligence.

Madness in a dream – means that you have reached all your success unfair.

In the dream you become insane – it means that you will encounter some annoying events, difficulties in affairs and deprivation of health. You are afraid of something.

In a dream you see mad relative, this dream symbolizes your upcoming success.

A big number of mad people, according to the dream book, means that you will have troubles in communication with friends and difficulties in new affairs.

To be followed by a madman means that your poor judgment will be a reason of upcoming failure.

If a mad animal bites you in a dream, you need to be careful with your competitors.