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Magazine - Meaning of Dream

As in reality, in the dreams the magazine is a symbol of news, gossip and intrigue. If you issue a subscription to the magazine, it signals about your interference people's lives and the desire to give advice to everyone. Try to moderate your activity, otherwise you risk not only quarreling with the close and dear people, but also with all those who have currently surround you.

If you happen to sell the magazines in a dream, you will have the forthcoming serious conversation with senior officials and bureaucrats. If you buy a magazine, you will have a huge scandal, which will be favorable for you and will make you famous.

If you flip the pages of a newspaper or a magazine, in Miller’s interpretation, it is a symbol of a pleasant pastime in reality. If you fill in the workbook – you will have to perform an important work in real life.

If you're reading a magazine in a dream - wait for the news. The more interesting and colorful the magazine was in a dream, the funnier the news will be. If you fill in the school register with the marks you like, it forebodes a spectacular career that you can get with own efforts.

According to Vanga, if someone of your relatives reads a magazine, it bodes upcoming quarrels in the house where you live. If the magazine was dirty, be ready for scandals on the basis of rampant jealousy of your partner.

Torn magazine tells about your intolerance towards others and sanctimonious attitude to everything that you do not understand.

If you read the magazine in a dream aloud or show the pictures to somebody, it foretells a series of interesting meetings and romantic encounters, which may lead to a serious relationship or even marriage.

Colorful but not interesting magazine in Freud's dream book is interpreted as accumulation of complexes in intimate life, which prevent the enjoyment. It also states that you are afraid of criticism, because you know about all your defects.

If you exchange one magazine to another, it portends that you will do the same with your partners in real life. You want to experience new and unusual sensations, so you start looking for it elsewhere.

If you drop the magazine on the floor, a dream warns about possible talks and gossip about your romantic relationships.