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Magic - Meaning of Dream

A dream in which magic is present cannot be interpreted on the spot. As many other signs in our dreams it has an ambiguous meaning.

Magic as a general notion in your dream means that you are eager to discover the unknown; your brain is ready to new knowledge as your soul is open to new feelings and experience. It shows that you’re deprived of it in waking life. What you need is to diversify your life at least a little. Otherwise, you’ll be bored to death, and you won’t have any memories about your youth in your old age. “We live only once”. Let this obvious statement guide you.

Seeing a dream in which you’ve decided to use magic to make your dreams come true indicates that you aren’t confident in your talent and skills. Moreover, you tend to put your responsibility to somebody else’s shoulders because you are so afraid that something will go wrong because of you. It’s OK that you worry about your success. We learn from our mistakes. Without actions you won’t learn anything ever. Just do what is within your strength honestly, and the progress and confidence in yourself will obligatory come.

Using a love spell in your dream denotes that you’ll cope with different problems with the help of your family and friends. So, if they offer you help, don’t reject it because of your self-sufficiency and arrogance. Take it and be grateful. Who knows, maybe you won’t manage without them.

If in your dream you are present at a black magic séance, it bodes family troubles. For businessmen such a dream denotes that they will probably be mistaken in something. Be reasonable in choosing new partners and signing big budget agreements. Weigh all pros and cons before you decide to accept some proposal or make a decision. Don’t let your vigilance down. Even the simplest project can hide pitfalls in itself. In the result, you may suffer great losses.

If there are magic events in your dream happening to you or around you, it is a good sign. It foretokens pleasant surprises for you in the nearest future.

Dealing with the representatives of white magic in your dream implies that you’ll be rather successful very soon. The success will touch not only your business sphere (where it’ll bring you great income and prosperity) but also a family one. It is the most favorable time for new beginnings.

If there are signs of black magic in your dream, it is a bad luck. It warns you against mean and false to the core people who are the members of your surroundings. It may happen that they will throw sand in your wheels. Be ready to put up a stubborn defence because if you give up, they’ll take over you. It is fraught with negative consequences for your well-being.

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