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Mail - Meaning of Dream

A mail image in our dreams is quite contradictory one. It can be a good and bad sign. It is important to remember who and when delivers you the mail to interpret a dream more precisely.

Seeing that you are delivered your mail late at night is a sign that you’ll get into an obscure and uncomfortable situation. It won’t bring you or your company any material losses though. Still, it will take you some time to calm down; you’ll feel concern about your image in the society. Your dignity and pride can be affected.

Attending a post office to send or receive a letter or a post package in your dream characterizes you as a person who is always in touch with a situation. You are a mine of information. You like to keep abreast of the events which touch not only you personally or your country, but the whole world. Your curiosity and a rich world view will be advantageous and very useful in any sphere of your life. “He who owns the information, owns the world”. You used to follow this famous saying, and that’s why you are an interesting interlocutor and precious worker.

Seeing a post office and entering it in your dream pushes you to put your affairs in order. It is meant not only to arrange business, but also to improve your relations with people. Don’t leave a place for misunderstandings and nursed grievances. They can be the pitfalls which won’t let you move forward.

If there are a lot of people in a post office, it betokens meeting with your acquaintances you haven’t seen for ages. If there are not so many people here, it foreshadows quarrels with someone from your family.

A dream in which you bring mail to your neighbor because he/she has asked you such a favor implies that you are a weak-willed and even spineless person. You easily yield to someone else’s influence and you are ready to do almost anything he/she asks you. Being kindhearted is certainly your virtue. You are always attentive and sympathetic to the people around you. Beware of the people who would like to use your kindness for their selfish intentions. It’s not only unpleasant, but also you can suffer a hardship.

If there is a mailman in your dream, it is an omen of misfortune. It means that you may receive some news which will upset you.

Seeing a mailman who has walked by implies that you won’t be satisfied with the results of your efforts. Probably, you hoped for another outcome, and this one you have hasn’t justified itself. Think what could influence it. Maybe, you should blame yourself for this. In any case, don’t hang your head down. It is never too late to correct everything.

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