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Mantis - Meaning of Dream


To interpret any dream sign in the most proper way, at first we should learn as much as possible what it is in real life. Especially, it concerns different insects, birds and animals. Try to gather information about their peculiarities and way of life before putting them in the frames of your dream. Even without knowing a dream book interpretation of them you can come to some conclusions about them as dream signs.

A mantis in a dream is an alarm signal. It always carries a precaution against something. If a man is seeing a mantis in his dream, it forebodes a danger and serious troubles on his way in the nearest future. Think everything what happens in your life over and analyze it. Maybe, you’ll manage to find something you’ve been mistaken at or have missed. Having detected your weak points, you can take measures to eliminate them. Probably, it’ll help you to move forward. Also, be cautious both in your private and business life because there is an oncoming danger. Be attentive at signing important agreements. In your surroundings there can be a person who wishes to deceive you. If he/she/ is successful at this, you’ll evidently suffer great financial losses. Also, you and your company will need much time to recover from this failure. To avoid troubles in your domestic life, pay more attention to your family – get more involved in their lives; hear out their problems, if any; let them share their achievements with you. If you approach your family more, there won’t appear any troubles in this area for sure.

If a woman/girl is seeing a mantis in her dream, it suggests that she offended or did harm to somebody in the past. Her conscience is applying to her. She already feels guilty about her deeds but doesn’t want to acknowledge this. If she wants not to see disturbing dreams any more, she should improve this situation. To beg pardon is the least she can do. But the main is that she ought to understand that she was wrong.

The sign of a mantis in a dream says to be more prudent in your decisions and actions. Don’t call a spade a spade. Your hasty decisions can be very harmful for you. Sometimes it is better to take a little more time than to jump at conclusions because the consequences of this can be bitter. Cross a bridge when you come to it. Don’t try to solve all the projects at once. Keep in mind, that quality of your work always comes first. Let it be a warning for you! Knowing this and adhering to our advice you’ll be safe.

If you’re watching a mantis in your dream for a quite long period of time, it implies that you are/will become rather dependent on some person. In his/her turn, he/she will seize this opportunity and use you for his/her own benefit. Don’t let anybody walk all over you! Have courage to say “No” if you don’t agree with him/her, or if your opinion differs from his/her.

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