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Map - Meaning of Dream


Seeing a map in your dream is a very favorable sign. It bodes changes in your life which will occur very soon. Don’t forget that they won’t run themselves. It is only you and your desire to change anything in your life that will promote them. Don’t waste your efforts on trifles and secondary things now. While there is a series of successful events in your life, try to do your best to implement your cherished plans and wishes. Maybe, you have been dreaming for a long time about starting your own business or travelling somewhere. Don’t miss such an opportunity not to regret about your actions in the future.

A map in our dreams has another meaning. It characterizes you as a person who settled (or will settle) down to a course of self-discovering. Perhaps, you feel that you haven’t found your role in this world yet. To do this as soon as possible, you can try to find yourself in unusual to you situations. It is a good idea to travel somewhere and see how other nations live, learn what their values are, etc. According to these observations, you’ll be ready to make some conclusions. You’ll find out what you’d like your life look like. Travelling to different countries can make us either disappointed with the way of life in our homeland or proud of it. In any case, this experience will help you to understand what you want. What also helps to cognize ourselves is reading decent books. They contribute a considerable share to our world view formation. There you can come to know about people’s life hundreds years ago, how it changed and why. Besides, you can come to know the peculiars of the psychology of human relations. Sometimes, an author provides us with the details of his/her characters’ feelings about which we often have no idea. Now, when we already know about them, we subconsciously try to make them out in reality. Usually, they help to understand other people and take in the situation. Self-actualization is not a temporary process; it must take the whole lifetime.

A map betokens success in business affairs. Even if there are some difficulties on your way, they won’t be harmful. Set a goal and do everything to gain it. Your income will considerably increase. With it, your family’s well-being will improve.

Looking for a map in your dream signifies that you won’t be satisfied with your surroundings. That’s why you’ll find it in your heart to change it. If you are not pleased with your colleagues, you’ll, apparently, switch a job; if you fell on evil days with your boyfriend/girlfriend quite long ago, but your relationships still hasn’t improved, you may venture to break up with him/her.