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Market - Meaning of Dream


Market in the dream, is a symbol of rest, crowd and the material stability.

If you dreamed of a bustling market with rush commerce, you will encounter a massive event, which you definitely need to visit. Also this dream can symbolize uncontrolled sexual behavior.

If you see that a lot of vendors on the market but a few buyers, it may mean that you want to lead a secular lifestyle, but you are unable to do it at the present time, nothing works out.

If you see yourself trading on the market it means that you will have unexpected monetary advantage.

If you aimlessly wander around the market and do not have an intension to buy anything, it means that you experience sadness and boredom. Perhaps this is a sign that it's time to find occupation which will bring your more pleasure and joy.

If you buy anything of clothes in the market, be ready for a big unforeseen loss. It may be related to both money and love affairs.

If you see your close person, who makes business in the market, it means that you are too demanding to your relatives. They are not obliged to help you and you will not get any support from them. Such opinion was formed shortly after the event in the past where they were offended by you.

If you see the market without sellers, it means that you feel lonely and you don’t have anyone to share your thoughts with. It is better to rebuild your private life and think more of a partner.

If you are a merchant in the dream, it means that soon your life will be luckier than before. Do not miss your chance! You can win a large sum of money in a lottery or any gambling. However, should not play too long, as you begin to rely on the fact that you will always win, a run of luck will end up soon.

To dream of a market where they sell only clothing, it means that your life will be joyless and impecunious.

If you see a bazaar in the dream, it means that you will have an exciting trip abroad.

If you see the most ordinary market where they trade fruits and vegetables, you should pay attention to your health. In order to avoid infection, you have to start eating balanced food. It is also important to refuse eating those products which you see in the dream.

A dream, in which you buy something at the market, means that in reality you live by the principle: the end justifies the means. Therefore you had hurt people around you a lot and caused their suffering.

If in the dream the market was abandoned, this dream foretells you complete solitude.

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