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Marshmallow - Meaning of Dream

Marshmallow, seen in a dream, is a very good sign, no doubts. It symbolizes the ease and nonchalance. A person, who saw such a dream, will have a rich and bright future. Of course, any dream has nuances of interpretation – marshmallow is not an exception.

If you dream of a fresh and delicious marshmallow, lying within reach, it bodes that soon you will receive some gifts. Most likely, it will not be so much of the material value, but you will be happy to receive such attention and respect. This can be a ticket to a concert, a huge bouquet of flowers or even a certificate of a star named in your honor. This gift you will receive from a person whom you least expected. It is likely that the giver will chose to keep his name in secret. At the same time, you shouldn’t feel obligated. He will make a gift sincerely from heart, not expecting anything in return.

If you buy marshmallows at the store, it foretells long-term success. In life you will be lucky, so you shouldn’t expect any help from others.

If you eat marshmallows in a dream, it portends the upcoming holiday. The celebration will be very crowded, fun and lush. Perhaps some of your friends or relatives plan a wedding, anniversary or housewarming. It is important not to offend the hosts of the celebration with own disregard, and visit them. Also, you should be generous with presents, but do not present money. Choose the gift that will remain for them as blessed memories about the significant date.

A dream, in which a person cooks marshmallows, heralds some endeavor. It can be anything: a new relationship, a serious project at work or even change of work, move to another city or planning a child.

It is important to remember the smallest details of this dream. After all, they can tell a lot about the upcoming endeavor. Large marshmallow foreshadows grandiose plans. If it was not tasty, it tells that the path to the target will not be as easy as expected.

If a marshmallow melted in a dream, do not worry. This dream foretells minor household chores. It may be a surprise visit of uninvited guests or just crashed chandelier. In any case, troubles are temporary.

As it can be seen, marshmallow in a dream is a good and positive sign. This dream carries a lot of new, interesting and fun. It is important to use the correct clues that destiny gives, and then the next period of life will be painted with bright colors.