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Masquerade - Meaning of Dream


Masquerade in a dream in a global sense is considered as an omen of deception, delusion, empty words and frivolous entertainment. Dreams in which you sit on the sidelines, watch the masquerade, but do not participate in it, mean that in the relationship with relatives and friends you are sincere and open, but your loved ones do not always behave the same and it means that you risk being cheated.

If in your dream you're having fun at the ball-masquerade, in real life you will be tempted for a while to get away from your affairs and indulge in fun, but empty entertainment. This dream is a warning: if you are tied to the chariot of your fleeting desires, you will meet with financial losses and can destroy family relationships.

For a young woman, dreaming of taking part in a masquerade is a warning that some people from her environment lie and hide their true attitude towards her; also there is a risk that her beloved one will trick or deceive her.

Masquerade in the dream book by Miller. A dream, in which you are a member of a merry masquerade, means that soon you will be interested in something, which will have a harmful effect on your life, will be time-consuming and will require large cash expenditures. Also, the dream may be a warning: perhaps you prefer frivolous entertainment and pastime in a bad company, which doesn’t suit your official duties and family matters. You need to remember - you can not sacrifice a source of cash income and relationships with loved ones for the sake of momentary pleasure, because in this case the loss will be inevitable.

If a girl dreams that she attends a masquerade, it is a sign that she will be deceived by those whom she fully trust.

Masquerade in Freud's dream book. Dreams in which you see yourself as a participant of ball-masquerade mean that you have a romantic nature. In a relationship with a partner you appreciate mystery, riddle, intrigue, and sex is a holiday for you, which should only take place in a beautiful setting - candles, champagne, etc. Soon you might experience a slight disappointment in the sexual life - romance will be boring, and you will feel that your intimate relationship with your partner became monotonous. You should revise your opinion about the intimate side of a long relationship. Sometimes, not always you will get everything you need, in such situations you shouldn’t forget about your partner, who also requires special attention and has own believes about perfect pastime.

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