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Master (Mr.) - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which a master gives you alms, signifies that you will soon be promoted.

If a woman sees how master pays attentions and gives presents to her, in foreseeable future some event will happen which will affect her relationship with ​​beloved man, and it will be on the verge of breakup.

It happens that in the image of Master you can see a person of another nationality, for example, Afro-American or Arab. For a man, the dream about foreigners promises improvement in family life and resolution of worries. For a woman, such a dream portends strange relationships with a person of the opposite sex.

In man's dream, to do business with Mr. bodes that he can be tricked in some important affair.

For a woman, to get a proposal from a master foretells upcoming separation with loved one.

The meaning of a master should be determined on the basis of the plot of a dream. It is important to remember the actions of a characters, lighting, general emotional environment. In any dream there are details that can mitigate the negative interpretation.

It is important to understand that master in a dream doesn’t foretell any major changes. If it is separation, most likely it is temporary. Difficulties, which are predicted in the interpretation, will not leave any deep mark on the fate of a dreamer.

Master is a harbinger of minor events. To dream of a gentleman who looks like a close relative forebodes the loss of a friend. In woman's dream this character symbolizes her relationship with men.

If Mr. is strict and unhappy, it signifies that his woman has the same opinion about him in real life.

If a wife sees her husband in the image of an important respectable gentleman, it means that in real life he will go through a lot of difficulties.

To be invited to the wedding of a master indicates that your friends might divorce soon.

If you dream that you travel by ship together with Mr., it signals about troubles related to the change of residence.