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Mattress - Meaning of Dream

I bet that the majority of people don’t pay an adequate attention, if they saw a mattress in their dreams. It even seems to be a nonsense trying to connect the events of your life with such stuff. “How can it explain the progress or regress in my business life or a domestic and romantic lives?” In this article we’ll assure you that you are wrong. We collected the most widespread meanings of such a symbol of your dreams.

A mattress in your dream prepares you to a great promotion at work. You’ll be entrusted with a lot of new and unknown responsibilities. It proves that your authorities see a stunning potential in you. They highly appreciate your work and contribution to their company’s development and thriving. They trust you and believe in you. Don’t be afraid to proceed to the load of new responsibilities at your new position. If you weren’t good for this job, your boss wouldn’t take such a risk. At last, your skills are recognized. It will not only improve your financial situation greatly, but it will also raise your profile among your colleagues!

If you’re having a dream that you’re sleeping on a mattress without a sheet, it represents that you’re satisfied with your life now despite the fact that your income is much smaller than your friends’.

If in your dream you’re at a mattress factory, it signifies that all your future investments will be extremely successful. So, don’t hesitate and make it! It promises to be your first step on the way of your financial prosperity. Your brain and good luck will lead you to the better position in the society than you take now.

If you’re having a dream that you’re sleeping on a tough and uncomfortable mattress, it means that it’s not a favorable time to make a deal with your business partners because something will go wrong. Postpone signing contracts a little bit, until everything is settled down. There are strong chances that you’ll lose your clients and thus profit as well.

If you’re throwing away your mattress in your dream, it implies that you’re ashamed of your actions. Guilt is haunting you everywhere. If you know the source of this feeling, try to understand the reason for your actions and said words; try to see another way out of that situation; analyze it utterly and completely; ask an advice from a person you trust. If you realize that you couldn’t act differently, perhaps your guilt will leave you.

As you can see, a mattress can be both a positive and negative symbol. All the same there is nothing to worry about – worse interpretations can be easily improved if there is a desire!

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