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Medal - Meaning of Dream

As a medal has two sides, the interpretation of a dream with it is also twofold – negative and positive. A positive meaning states a career progress; a negative one – misfortunes and distrust. To learn the details, we offer you the article below.

If you’re seeing a medal in your dream, it is a good sign for you as a professional. You have been always working hard to achieve your goals. Finally, your efforts will be justified. A medal betokens the acknowledgement of your work. Your boss will be lavish in praises in your address, and you will be rewarded very soon. At long last they have noticed you, your natural gift and potential! Expect a promotion. Your authorities at work will entrust you with more serious tasks and missions. If you hang down your head, such changes will cheer you up. It’s what you’ve always dreamt about! Now you don’t have doubts that everything comes with a hard huge work. You are a bright example of it.

Also, when you see a medal in a dream, it may stand for your glory and fame in the nearest future. Most likely you will be recognized due to your achievements at work.

If you lost a medal in your dream, it presages your failures in the future. The reason for it is the distrust of others to you. Think about the situations in the past, which could change the opinion of others toward you. Maybe, you behaved disgracefully then. Think every detail over because one that may seem insignificant to you can be very important to another person. Moreover, you should look out and try to avoid conflict situations or misunderstandings in the future. The troubles that come out of them can bring much damage to your reputation. A desire to work with you can disappear. It may have negative consequences for your budget and a private life. Also, protect yourself against the rumors. Beware of the people, who can slander you maliciously.

Being awarded with a medal in a dream, means that soon you’ll be under the patronage of influential people. It is good news for your business life. Great profit is waiting for you. Also, anticipate a lot of new, interesting and beneficial projects and offers.

Some books on dreams interpretation construe the sign of putting on a medal as an unfavorable one. They presume that it points at unjustified self-confidence and wrong actions and decisions. Don’t overestimate your work and your potential. Be realistic. Only then you can expect successful business and a decent attitude to your personality.