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Medication - Meaning of Dream

Medication is a symbol of anxiety and health. It is a good sign, but if you dream of the tablets, you must pay attention to small details. Drugs can also portend excitement and worries for the loved ones. However, excessive guardianship will only cause some negative emotions. Therefore, if you had such a dream, it is necessary to forget about means of excessive care and guardianship. Your close people are fine, they are healthy and nothing portends trouble.

If you take medications together with your food, this dream tells that all diseases will be quickly treated, and you will forget about the malaise. This dream marks the happy ending of the transaction started recently.

If you buy medicines and tablets in a dream, it bodes that in the next month you will move into a new apartment or house. If you do not plan to move out, you will have a vacation and will visit another city.

If you take medicines in a dream, but it tastes bitter and nasty, it tells that you should not rush when making important decisions; best of all is to wait at least for one day.

If a woman takes small pills, the dream suggests that insignificant squabble, jealousy and gossip will not bother her anymore. If the dreamer is the source of infection, he/she should stop throwing mud at close people, even if they deserve such attitude.

In erotic dream book, if you take medicine in a dream, it tells that you are uncertain and shy in bed.

The best advice in this situation is a study of the information of sexual life characteristics.

If you prescribe the medication as a physician, the dream foretells unexpected profit and money in upcoming days.