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Melon - Meaning of Dream

Many dream interpreters call to pay attention to varieties of melons – whether they are big or, conversely, look small and damaged. In a separate line of interpretation it is necessary to relegate dreams about various manipulations with this fruit. Thus, the interpretation of a dream will vary depending on whether a person gathers the melon, eats it or cuts it with a knife. Depending on the sex and age of a dreamer, there are also different meanings. So let’s read further in order to find the unique interpretation.

For a sick person, a dream as if he/she sees and tries fragrant sweet melon is a very good omen. For those who suffer from ailments, it is necessary to pay attention to the smell and taste.

Melon is usually associated with juicy fresh taste and pleasant rounded shape of rich yellow color. Therefore, in a dream it often becomes a symbol of human physical needs.

It is important to notice whether it stays solid during a sleep, since the condition of a melon is vital for interpretation. Big and juicy melon can be a sign of fertility and new opportunities in life. It applies only to those melons that have rich color in a dream, and aroma evokes positive emotions of the dreamer.

In a dream, you should always pay attention to the attitude which you have towards the object of a dream; actually this is the keys to a successful interpretation.

In some dream books it is believed that melons signify of a long journey that a person will have in upcoming future, and its success will depend on the shape and size of the fruit.

In addition to a trip, a young girl may receive a marriage proposal from a foreigner, if she sees a lot of melons in her dream. Also, it is a sign of wealth and a large number of children (symbol of fertility), who will bring exclusive joy and moral satisfaction to their parents.

Sick person will recover, but those who have no health complaints, should take go through preventive medical examination, in order to be sure that his/her health is not threatened.

No need to worry about dreams that are associated with melons, most likely, they say that the future opens up new opportunities, which should be disposed wisely.