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Mercury - Meaning of Dream

If you have a dream about Mercury, your mind will depend on this planet, also you will see the changes in ability to think and carry on a conversation. Mercury may award you with high intellect and eloquence, but also you might experience the tendency to cheat. Depending on the position of the planets in your dream, certain quality dominates in your character.

Mercury is the fastest planet. It is located closest to the Sun, thus in the interpretation of the dream you should pay attention to this detail as well. Mercury appears in the sky in the evening - from March to April and in the morning - from September to October. Ancient astrologers believed that these are two different celestial bodies.

People, who are under the auspices of Mercury, are characterized by mobility, sociability, creativity, and restlessness. The worst for them is the boredom and routine. Therefore, such people often change their activities during life. Inner peace of people dreaming of Mercury stays in harmony only when life and things are humming.

Mercury has long been correlated with youth, speed and dexterity. In ancient mythology it is considered to be a messenger of the Gods. It is beautiful and swift as the wind, therefore you will have wings on your feet, and in the activity, which consists mainly of communicating with people and commerce, you will be accompanied with a gift of eloquence and persuasion, wit and cunning. Young people will discover own skills in astronomy, mathematics and music.

From an astrological point of view, Mercury is the planet of intelligence, communication, and mental activity. Mercury rules the mind and consciousness, affects the perception and memory. Under its patronage there are the authorities responsible for the assimilation of information, as well as transportation and daily trips. One of the main functions of the planet is the formation of thoughts, and the direction of the energy of thought.

The position of Mercury in the dream affects the level of intelligence, the desire to communicate, the ability to formulate and express own thoughts. Being in a strong and harmonious position, the planet endows the dreamer with eloquence, as well as skills needed to obtain and process information. In addition, Mercury protects travelers and patronizes ideas. People, who see the dream with Mercury, are often found on the scene with the desire to speak in public.

The negative impact of the planet can be expressed in a quirky, mordancy and conflicts. Cheating, fraud, and lies - all these are examples of the negative impact of Mercury.

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