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Merry-go-round - Meaning of Dream

In a broad sense, the dreams in which you see the merry-go-round, symbolize the development of your affairs, and the feeling that your life does not experience any significant changes, and all the events develop in a vicious cycle. You experience fatigue and frustration with this situation and want to do something that will help you escape out of this circle and to radically change the situation.

If you dreamed of a lone roundabout standing somewhere in the abandoned and secluded place, this is a very bad dream; it is a harbinger of great misery, and sometimes death. In the near future some terrible event will change your life for the worse and will cause your mental and physical suffering.

A dream, in which you saw yourself riding a huge carousel, foreshadows the onset of adverse period in your life. Very soon the business that brings you the main income will suffer from problem that will serve the cause of your grief. In the domestic affairs and personal life, there will be a lot of unpleasant troubles and a period of stagnation.

If you observe a merry-go-round with other people, this dream portends upcoming frustration and unfulfilled desires and dreams. The business which you set hopes on will not justify itself and will not bring you anything besides losses and regrets.

In Miller’s dream book a merry-go-round is a presage of unsuccessful and wasted effort. This dream tells that you will put your heart and soul into implementation of your dreams, but life circumstances will develop adversely, and all your efforts will lead into trouble - you will not be able to succeed and survive huge disappointment in life.

For a person in love a carousel is a bad sign in a dream that promises unhappy or unrequited love. Probably, the dreamer will make a bid for sympathy for object of his/her passion for a long time, but when the goal is almost reached, suddenly there will appear more successful rival or life circumstances will cause the separation.