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Military barrack - Meaning of Dream

In a dream you walk across a military barrack and see that it is completely empty, without even a single person, such a dream foretells that your loved ones will need your help, and you can provide them with it. If a dreamer saw a woman in military barracks, it portends that he will face grief.

If you dreamed as if you were a soldier in the barracks, in real life you will feel discontent with the behavior of other people. First of all, you do not like their irresponsible attitude to their duties and failure to properly organize own lives.

In Miller’s dream book a gloomy and grim building of barrack portends sad events that can depress you.

You are concerned about what is happening, and you do not know how to get out of the current adverse situation. For an unmarried woman, this dream is a harbinger that her future husband will be a man with demanding character and harsh nature. In addition, he will like to control his close people.

If a woman dreamed of barracks with multiple rows of beds, each of which is neatly tucked, it tells that she will have a lot of children. Such a dream for a man heralds many troublesome events.

If in a dream you live in military barrack - in reality you dream of unreachable pleasures.

If you see yourself in a role of a standby in the barracks, in reality you will be able to get even with your foes. If a woman dreams that she is on duty in the barracks, in the next few days she will have guests in her house and it will be an occasion for a pleasant hassle.