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Milk mushroom - Meaning of Dream

A dream, in which you see a milk mushroom, portends significant windfall profit. But dream book of Miller gives the opposite meaning. According to it – milk mushrooms can mean unreasonable haste in which a person seeks to become rich. But it's worth noting that the consequences of hasty decisions can be a trial.

If milk mushrooms are seen by a young woman, in the future she will neglect her property, which can result its losing.

Italian dream book of Meneghetti also explains the meaning of such a dream, according to the interpretation milk mushroom foretells short positive attraction.

Dreaming is a mysterious phenomenon in human life, which has a scientific explanation. Particular significance to dreams is given by people themselves, so from generation to generation the interest to this mysterious phenomenon passes from one to another. Dreaming of a milk mushroom signifies of secret possession.

If you dream of a repast where mushrooms were the main dish, for a girl it foretells going through the shame, and for boys - search of easy money, entertainment and pleasures.

For gamblers, milk mushrooms in a dream could presage a loss in the cards.

The dream, in which you pick up mushrooms on the clearing, is a prognostic of the future sorrowful event (unhappiness, serious illness). Mushrooms can symbolize unhealthy pleasure and unwise decision that a person can take in haste. According to scientists - psychologists, mushrooms are seen by people who have leadership qualities.

According to the ancient Mayan dream books, toadstool in a dream is a sign of a great mood. To make this dream come true, you need to approach the mirror and smile in the reflection.

To dream of edible mushroom, for example milk mushroom bodes having health problems. Some dream books give interpretations based on the general image of mushrooms, without specifying their types.