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Mine - Meaning of Dream


If you see yourself inside the dark mine like a rat in a hole, it means that in reality you will have to make a difficult choice. It looks like you've been agonizing over this dilemma, without assuming that your indecision and timidity can lead you into a psychologist office. Believe in yourself and act more decisively, otherwise it may happen that you will be able to understand own motivations, only with the help of a professional.

If you dreamed that you were under the ground in a mine and you suddenly experienced a feeling of shortness of breath and panic, this dream indicates your complexes, most likely associated with sex. You find it difficult to communicate with the opposite sex, you feel awkward and unsure, and perhaps you just afraid to make love. The reason lies in your shyness and inexperience. Do not worry; life is sure to put everything in its place.

If you suddenly fell into a mine, it means that you have disappointed your partner with something.

If you see yourself working in the mine, it means that you do not want to talk with your partner about your problems.

If you dreamed that you were the owner of a private mine, it means that in real life you will profitably invest your capital.

If you see yourself in a dream in the company of the miners, it means that in reality some force opposes you on your way to fame and fortune.

Mine in the dream book by Miller. To see yourself in the mine, it is a sign that you should be wary of the wiles of the enemies. If you dream, that you are a co-owner of the mine - this dream promises a successful investment of funds in any business.

If you see yourself at the bottom of a coal mine, it means that in real life you are in danger, which will overtake you, no matter how careful you were.

Mine in the dream book by Freud. If you find yourself in a mine, it means that if you want to fully enjoy the sensual pleasures, you need to learn to relax. Remember, as long as you do not do this, after each sex you will feel dissatisfaction and disappointment.

If you dream of a destroyed mine, be ready for failures associated with sex. You might find yourself in rather silly and ambiguous situation: you will try to persuade a person to have sex, but he/she, unfortunately, will have a different opinion concerning this situation. If you descended into the mine in a dream, it means that you will have a long separation from the sexual partner and unfortunately you will have a long period of continence.

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