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Mirror - Meaning of Dream


If a woman dreams of mirror, it can mean insults, disagreements and disputes within the family. If in the reflection you see other people, it means that one of them behaves unfair towards you. Seen animals in the mirror, can mean a quick disappointment. If a young woman sees a dream with own reflection, it means that her friendship might fail.

Small Veles dream book argues that dreams about mirror, bring changes in life, possibly wedding, new acquaintances, change of work, it often means a speedy wealth. If a person gives a mirror to someone in a dream, it means a swift reconciliation with the recipient of the gift.

If you dream of the whole mirror gallery, most likely it means the careful attention of others who are waiting for your decisive action in the future.

Different dream books interpret this dream quite differently, starting from the subtleties of the vision itself and the circumstances of the plot. If a person sees himself in an old, dark, cracked mirror, he does not accept own appearance as it is.

Italian dream book argues that the dream with mirror indicates the duplicity and insincerity of someone among your friends or relatives. Also, perhaps, you are trying to understand your inner world, and recognize emotions and actions.

If you experience brings and pleasant feelings while seeing the dream about mirror, it means that your inner world is in harmony. If the reflection is scary, it means lack of composure. Perhaps there are some depressing thoughts, unpleasant experiences, and lingering problems in your life. In this case, it is worth considering the reasons for this feeling, and understanding what is happening.

According to dream book by Aesop, if you don't see any reflection in the mirror, it portends rapid changes, mainly related to inner peace and views on life. There are possible points at issues, which are thought-provoking on the revision of actions and thoughts.

Love dream book heralds that the recent romantic dating can bring unexpected rewards. Dream book of Tsvetkov answer to the question, what mirror means: if you see the reflection of the face, it means that you will receive news or personal profit.

The more you like your reflection, the better will be the opinion of surrounding people.

If a single man receives a mirror as a gift in the dream, it portends him fast happy marriage.

Modern dream interpretation does not attach much importance to such a dream, claiming that it is just a precursor of fun and entertainment.

Obviously, the mirror seen in the dream does not bode anything particular; such dream can be interpreted in terms of people's experience to appeal to a variety of dream books. But in any case, whatever prediction you have you should not lose confidence, and just be more attentive and careful.

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