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Miserable - Meaning of Dream

If it is you who are miserable and pitiful in your dream, it is an unpleasant and even dangerous omen for you. It cautions you against possible poverty rather soon. There are several possible reasons for it. There may be a crisis in your company or in a whole country. You can fall a prey to the reduction of the staff. All you can do about this is not to push a panic button or become apathetic, but to start looking for a new job. Take into consideration that this process can (and probably will) take some time. So, don’t lay it on a shelf. Also, you can be guilty in losing a job. You’d better reconsider your attitude to your responsibilities and begin to carry them out more properly. Your investments can be unsuccessful that’s why you can lose a lion’s share of your funds. Your evil-wishers can throw dust in your eyes, or you can be ransacked. In any case, you must be very attentive and stay reasonable whatever happens. Only behaving like this, you will get out of the troubles.

If it isn’t you who are miserable but somebody else, it is a good sign for you (in spite of awkwardness of the situation…). Such a dream means that you will be very successful and you won’t be in need for anything. Problems of different kinds will pass you by. Due to your experience, potential, knowledge, principles and good luck, you will get a stable income. Thus, you will be able to maintain your family’s welfare.

If a friend said to you that you looked miserable for some reason in a dream, it signifies that you should take additional care of your health as well as your look. As we know, they are connected with one another. Having improved the state of your health, your appearance will become more attractive too.

If you had a conflict with somebody and after all called this person miserable, it suggests that you may become disappointed with somebody in the nearest future.