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Mole - Meaning of Dream


If during the dream a mole is sitting on your hand or any other part of your body, it is likely a sign of disease. Hence, you should pay attention to the part of the body on which you see a mole.

If a mole runs past you at a working place, it means that someone is trying to deceive or wind around your little finger in the professional sphere. If you see the same dream taking place at home, it means that you do not notice any serious troubles in the family.

And if in a dream you managed to catch a mole with any object and hold it in your hand, it means that all your troubles you will be able to overcome, you will quickly uncover fraud without damage own reputation or life.

Scientists started interpreting dreams long time ago. A few centuries ago, people began to notice that dreams are not just pictures in our head. Someone sees a magic sense in them, and someone tries to treat them from the psychoanalysis point of view.

Often the correct interpretation of the dream helps to identify the main problem that bothers the person, and, moreover, to find clues and a way how to solve it. Here you will be able to see the full interpretation of a dream with a mole.

As everybody knows, a mole is an animal that lives in the long labyrinth of underground and totally does not see anything in the daylight. Therefore, you should depart from this fact, when interpreting a dream with a mole. As a rule, it indicates that the person is blind and does not see what is happening around and what events he/she misses. All other details of the dream will help to understand which sphere of life is neglected. This dream suggests a dreamer, which moments in life it is necessary to pay closer attention to.

The dream about mole heralds and warns about possible upcoming troubles around you in a particular area, that you just do not notice, and blindly trust all your friends. If you read correctly the warning of such dream, you will be able to avoid these troubles.

After seeing a mole in a dream, be attentive to the people around you. Perhaps, very soon someone will try to trick and cheat you. But you shouldn’t worry about this situation a lot, as now you have a hint, and will eventually be ready to distinguish and get the hang of the hype, which will be a simple thing for you.

Most often mole appears in the dream when someone is cheating on you; people around you are not honest and you feel it on a subconscious level, but you can not clearly understand it.

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