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Money - Meaning of Dream

Money is a symbol of wealth in any form. This may be the minimum wealth, providing daily meals and a roof over your head, or fabulous wealth, allowing you to buy personal island. In anyway money, seen in a dream, specifies aspects of your financial condition.

Money can also be a sign of future successes or failures. For example, if you find money in a dream, it means that you will have to face certain difficulties. But at the same time, you will experience some big happy changes. After that, it becomes clear that if you give money to somebody in your dream, it is a sign of failure.

An important dream is also if you see yourself counting cash. If the amount of money you deal with is big, it means that soon wealth, prosperity and happiness will appear in your life. It is only necessary to move in appropriate direction.

But if you discover deficiencies of finances while counting, it means that you might have possible financial difficulties, breakdowns of payments and similar problems.

If you dream that you lose your money, dream book by Miller says that it is a sign of upcoming trouble. Moreover, it can affect your home and work.

Theft of money or other assets belonging to you is a warning: you have to pay more attention to your actions, because even a small deception may lead to a breach of friendly relations.

If you dream of money claimed by a young woman, this may be a sign of problems with the business. Moreover, your girlfriend or a close friend will be a reason of your difficulties.

If you happen to swallow money in a dream, it is a sad sign. Usually this indicates the development of your greed. In addition, fake money is also a bad sign.

According to Vanga dream interpretation, money given to you is a sign of trust from people around. People believe that you are a kind and generous person. But be careful, your generosity can be used in their favor.

If you dream that you are trying to collect the money - for example, small coins from the ground, it's not a very good sign. This dream foretells a minor loss in real life. And it's not just about the financial loss – it can be both material and moral. If you dream that you collect money in a hem or a hat, it indicates a global conscious work over making an important decision in dreamer's life. As if all of the positive and negative factors come together for making the right decision.

If you receive money from someone, you might get pregnant or have a child (if you are man). If you transfer money to somebody’s account, it means that you will have obstacles in life.

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