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Monkey - Meaning of Dream

Monkey is the symbol friends who often hypocritical with a person rather than tell him the truth. They often perform all sorts of deceit and sabotage, in order to disorganize the affairs of the dreamer and make it fail.

Therefore dreams with monkeys often are negative rather than positive.

So, dream interpretation of Vanga said, that if you dreamed of a dead monkey, it means that people who wish you evil will suffer. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid of such dream; it, on the contrary, is more useful to you than other dreams where you can see monkeys.

For a woman, to feed a monkey out of hand, it foretells the appearance of man in a woman's life, who will be able to harm her, greatly offend, or dishonesty cheat on her. Therefore, all new acquaintances in the near future should be watched with great attention and better with disbelief, otherwise the consequences of them may be disappointing.

For girls who dreamed of monkeys, Vanga advises to accelerate the wedding with their partners. Otherwise, if the marriage ceremony is delayed, there might appear the reason for suspicions of infidelity. Because if it is possible in the early stages of marriage, then it is possible that after a certain period of time the desire to betray will disappear. If you don’t agree with such turn of events, it is better to find another partner, which will be more gentle and reliable.

Vanga also said that very often monkey in a dream, is a sign of humiliation or illness of loved ones in the near future.

If you observe how monkey is climbing the tree with agile, in reality it is worth to be more careful and attentive.

Monkey in the mythology of most people represents stupidity, cunning, deceit, laziness. In a word, monkey is not one of cute animals, despite of how it looks like.

So if you meet with monkey, most likely it means that in real life you will meet with lies and trickery from new acquaintances. This dream is a warning, you should take a closer look to your surroundings, among your friends there might be a bad person.

Dreaming of a monkey that makes a face, could be a sign that you have committed something very bad, perhaps cheated. Your subconscious recalls those deeds and warns that it will not end up good. Try to correct your mistakes.

If you see a monkey in a cage, it also indicates your unseemly behavior. Sometimes a monkey in a cage means that the cunning and machinations, which enemies perform against you, will not bring any results.

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