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Mosquito - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a mosquito chirping near your ear, it is a warning of the danger and the enemies who spread gossips around. To avoid this, it is necessary to protect your private life and not to disclose the secrets to strangers.

If you dream about a swarm of mosquitoes, it tells that the number of enemies that surround you is much bigger than you originally thought. If you dream as mosquito got entangled in the web, in reality, you must look closely to your enemies. Perhaps they are much stronger than it seemed at the first glance.

A dream as if you were attacked by swarms of mosquitoes indicates envious colleagues at your work, who will try to harm you by all means, even by denunciation to your boss and as a result you may lose your work place. A mosquito, which flight can be traced, indicates that some nerdy and hard-nosed person in your surrounding affects your life a lot.

In accordance with Freud’s interpretation, a dream about mosquito reflects dreamer’s problem with children. So, if you feel the pain of mosquito bites, it tells that the children bring only cares and troubles into your life, and you experience the inability to settle the relationships with them.

If you kill the mosquitoes in a dream, it tells that you feel hatred and hostility to your children. If you hear the chirp of mosquitoes around, it bodes dissatisfaction with marriage, and the desire to vent your anger on children. The interpretation of such a dream in other dream books generally has a negative connotation.

A mosquito seen in a dream is interpreted as gossips of spitters, envy of colleagues, and someone’s stalking invasion in your private life.

If a mosquito bites you, it forebodes that there is an opportunity to be seriously affected by these rumors and interventions. Still a dream warns that material wealth accumulated over the years, may suffer because of the stupid and not true act of a loved one.

But not all dreams about mosquito carry a negative interpretation. So, if a mosquito did not bite you and you managed to whisk it from your body, it tells that the upcoming affair, which initially seemed unsuccessful and futile, will result in success and will be beneficial in your future career.

If you managed to kill a mosquito in a dream, it tells that in real life there are all possibilities to get rid of the obstacles and those who use the kindness and openness of a dreamer, spreading gossips and negativity; you will start enjoying the success, happiness and well-being.