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Motor depot - Meaning of Dream

If you see yourself in a dream inside a motor depot, this is a sign that soon you will purchase a car.

If you see a motor depot from outside – beware of accident. Pay more attention to different mechanisms around you in real life.

Sometimes it also has a meaning that soon you will collect a big sum of money.

Dreaming of cars in a motor depot foretells that you will embark on a project that will give you a big concern, but as a result it will be useful for you.

To see the old car is a sign that the enemies will surpass you in your endeavors to ensure own welfare.

If you drive a car inside a motor depot, it is a harbinger of losses in business and the beginning of a series of similar misfortunes. This dream in general portends losses from failed transactions. Generally dream with working mechanism promises you serious difficulties in many endeavors and at the same time no doubt you will receive the support from your friends.

Broken car portends the loss of friends. If you dream of a fire truck it promises you the anxiety and excitement associated with emergencies.

If a young person in a dream is racing a fire car, it means that he/she should beware, in order to avoid participation in an unpleasant affair. Wheel tractor-scraper in a dream means very hard work.