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Motor-launch - Meaning of Dream

If you saw a beautiful motor-launch drifting next to you, this dream predicts a romantic trip that will leave many pleasant impressions and memories. If you are a woman, this dream foretells the opportunity to meet with a man who would be your life partner.

If you sail in a motor-boat, it is an omen of a nice meeting with good friends. If the launch rushes fast, it indicates that you are very attentive to your duties and you are able to identify the priority. These business skills will help you raise the credibility to a considerable height.

If the motor-launch is broken or defective and can’t get under way, it tells that your business can come to a halt, and any efforts will not be able to change the situation.

If you dream of the collision of two boats, it indicates that you are aiming to catch everything at once, and as a result you may be left with nothing.

If you bought an expensive, posh boat for a lot of money and realize that after all it's not worthy, it signifies that you act thoughtlessly, and certainly the swindlers will take advantage of you.

In Miller’s dream book, if you swim in a boat, it reality you prefer active recreation.

If you buy a clearly overpriced launch, in reality, your enemies will try to spoil your reputation of a good business partner. If you control the boat that rushes at great speed, in real life, you are able to take responsibility in the most difficult moment. That is why you are appreciated by management and business partners. Dream interpretation predicts that this quality will help you achieve great success in all areas of your life.