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Mountain - Meaning of Dream

While interpreting, what mountain means in the dream, you need to remember if it was covered in snow. In fact, in these dreams, snow top is very important. For example, if the mountain is covered with snow in the dream, it is a good sign. It predicts the fulfillment of the goal, even though all the difficulties and obstacles. After seeing such dream, a person should accumulate all strength, and in any case do not stop there. Even if it seems that everything goes wrong, and not like you want, in the end, the goal will be achieved and dreams will come true.

But if you see the mountain peak not covered in snow, it means that it is better to leave the business and do something new. This dream means that you spend forces out for unnecessary deals. The undertaking will not bring you any success and happiness for which you hope. Therefore, even if at the moment it seems that you need to achieve the goal no matter what, though, you should stop. Over the time, the one who dreamed of mountaintop with no snow will realize meaninglessness of own actions.

If you happen to see a mounting with no plants on it, it means that something disturbs you in real life.

On contrary, if the mountains are overgrown by the forest, it means that somebody lies to you or betray to, and you trust this person. So when you see such a sign, you need to take a closer look to own surroundings and to treat some people with caution.

If you conquer summit of the mountain and climbed to the very top of it, it is a sign of a great success.

If someone happened to see such a dream, it means that he/she can move without fear to own targets, because success will certainly accompany him/her and will never leave.

But, if you see yourself going down the mountain, it is a symbol of changes of values, and prediction of failure in business. This dream is a warning. It must be taken into consideration, and you should abandon own plans.

As in a dream, in addition to mountain you notice a mountain river that descends from the top, it means that you will shortly be able to overestimate something in life and look at the situation from the other point of view. Usually, after such dreams, people take though unexpected for themselves, but absolutely right decision.

If a person sees a mountain in the dream, it is a symbol of some goal or task that he/she sets. And, when a symbol is unfavorable, it is best to stop undertaking. Anyway, eventually it becomes clear that it really made ​​no sense.

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