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Mountaineer / Сlimber - Meaning of Dream

To see a mountaineer in a dream is a good sign, symbolizing rise.

If you see yourself as a mountaineer, due to the dream interpreter, it means that your plans are too ambitious. To see yourself with climbing equipment means that you will use your experience in new sphere. To climb a mountain with equipment, means that your life will be quite tense.

To reach the top of a mountain, means that your project will be finished. To stand on the top of a mountain, means that soon you will be promoted.

If something disturbs your rise, it is a bad thing, meaning collapse of your hope.

To fall down in precipice means that somebody in your surrounding will betray you. Don’t trust to allegations, it can destroy your private life. You need to judge the situation by yourself and don’t pay attention to slander.

If you climb down the mountain, it is a symbol that you are not self-confident enough.

If you dream how a mountaineer reaches the top, it means that you will be appreciated for your efforts.

To be among mountaineers means that you will be in unknown surrounding, but you will spend a good time.

If you see one of your friends being a mountaineer, soon this person will open his nature to you.

Climbing the mountain sometimes means sexual stimulation.

To sum up, the interpretation to the dream in which you see yourself climbing a mountain together with other mountaineers is following. This is a signal of the subconscious that in reality you have to be more self-confident, and make independent decisions quickly. Otherwise, any of your plans in life will not be quickly and effectively performed.

If a dreamer sees himself on a big height, it does not burden his own elevation above the reality and challenges. Unfortunately, it is a sign that in real life there will be the need to treat a serious illness. This dream can not bode anything bad for those people who keep a healthy lifestyle and control their physical form without harm to the body.