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Mow - Meaning of Dream

If you dream of a beautiful day, when summer sun warms the body and you feel the fresh clean air, you see a large field of grass and clearly understand that this is a hay harvesting, you might want to discover the meaning of such a dream. In fact, this is a good and noble dream, and it has the corresponding interpretation. In short, if you mow fresh long grass, it tells that you will avoid different kinds of woes and scrape. You possess such features as agility and the ability to make the right decisions, and it will lead to the great success. But if you accidentally wounded another person or an animal with a blade of a scythe, it tells that such negative qualities as lying, cunning, resourcefulness and selfishness will bear fruit, in other words you will have troubles on your fault. It is common that such a dream promises irreparable harm.

If you got injured with a scythe blade, it is a warning to abandon the conceived idea and plans because they are not worthy.

If you just watch the mowing of the grass, this dream also has a preventive nature, since it is possible that someone wants to harm you in financial affairs. This dream warns that before you make a responsible decision, you should think over it once again.

If you dream of old or broken scythe, this dream suggests that the sudden illness of close relatives will affect your plans related to travel. Often an old spit forebodes separation from loved ones. Also, the condition of the grass is important for the interpretation. If it was juicy and green, this is a good sign that portends further peace of mind, serenity and excellent health.

But do not misuse your serenity, because excessive tranquility and inactivity can adversely affect other important matters; there is a possible threat for material well-being. If you dream of a meadow with the spots of dry grass, it is a sign of temporary discomfort. For example, it may be a sharp rise in blood pressure, or any other disease that can be rapidly relieved. If you mow dry grass, the dream portends temporary difficulties in affairs which will be solved soon as well.

If in the process of moving a spit got onto a sharp stone, this dream warns of impending danger. In this case, you should be more vigilant. If you mow the lawn in your backyard, you will be encouraged by your superiors, and will gain respect from colleagues. In short, your works will be rewarded.